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Years ago this was a laughable concept. Today, I’m not laughing as much. Maybe smirking a little. If you live by the water or in a fishing town, you wouldn’t think about buying seafood online. You wouldn’t even think about frozen seafood all the much either. But we are reminded often that no everyone lives near the fish. Further still, some have come such a long way in marketing their stuff that they have become well-known throughout the US.

We aren’t endorsing any of these groups below, but rather acknowledging that we understand they are pretty good at shipping seafood either through clubs or direct to consumer. If you are interested in getting fresh seafood without a middle man, and straight from the ocean, start your search here and see what comes of it. There are more outfits out there than just these, but these are the ones we keep hearing about.


The Lobster Guy

My goodness this is a dreaful site, but you can’t really search on sea to porch lobster and not bump into this guy’s operation. If you can figure out how to get through his website, he’s got about every size lobster, as well as tails and meat. They’ll ship live lobsters to your door, which isn’t new, but is still pretty wild when you think about it.

Lobster Anywhere

These guys have a great website, and they ship live lobsters from chix all the way up to gigantic 5-6 pounders. Not even sure how those would fit in a box. They have tails, meat, lobster rolls, you name it. They even do surf and turf. Spend a little time on their website and you’ll feel like these guys just have it all wired.


Lummi Island Wild

This group is on the West Coast (I know, I know), and they do things a little differently with reefnetting. It’s a pretty difficult way to catch salmon, but it’s clean and seems to work for them. This is the group we keep hearing about for good environmental and sustatinable stuff. Mainly salmon, halibut, cod. Alaska stuff.

Pride of Bristol Bay

If you know much about wild salmon, the best of it comes from Bristol Bay. These guys have been around for a while. Have all the good species. They seem to have a pretty solid lock on how to ship salmon, though it does come frozen which makes it less dynamic than shipping live lobster.


The Crab Place

This is probably your spot for Maryland Blue Crab. They have all kinds, but they are based around the Del-Mar-Va area and not as far north as King and Dungeness and such. Decent little operation they have going on. Tons of other seafood types, like shrimp and oysters if you are hunting that stuff. Pretty good all around seafood player.

Maine Lobster Now

Probably can mention these guys with lobster as well, but they are REALLY good at King Crab, which is the signature crab type among most people. They also carry Snow Crab, Jonah Crab, crab meat, crab cakes, crab rolls, tons of fresh fish and other shellfish. Another great all-around seafood consumer seafood distributor.


There are places, many of them listed above, that will ship fresh shrimp. Most of it comes from the gulf, which we just don’t admire. Anyway, if you want shrimp, use the ones above.


All three of these places will get the job done, shipping live crawfish for a crawfish boil. They’ll all ship in various amounts of pounds, ship with seasoning or without.

Louisiana Crawfish

Cajun Grocer

Acadia Crawfish

We could go on forever into Halibut, cod, rockfish, oysters, you name it. But this is a pretty good list. We might add to it later if we get comments or hear about others who should be listed. Again choose your own path and do your own research. We did. Even after people told us about these places listed above, we kicked the tires to make sure we knew what was happening. We even found a site called Quality Seafood Delivery that compares the prices of all the various companies shipping fish. But if you don’t want to do that and trust our opinion, then the companies on this page should be above the fray.

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